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This flash is timeless and its social commentary was way ahead of its time.

Jim Ether. You are an under rated Internet prophet... of the GODS.

Slick production, great twist.

Great voice acting! Great artwork and animation! This entry was paced well, the humour wasn't forced, and it was just a pleasure to watch. I have no criticism on how to improve this entry because it was so tidy. Thanks for the laughs!

Taco bell

I wonder if Christina liked tacos?

Great clip, good contrast between the man telling him about the bastards who made the budget cuts after he pushed her corpse to the ground.


Good to see Jeremy still making hilarious cilps.

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Simple and satisfying

I'm really surprised at the quality of Flash games nowadays. Creative and fun. Responsive controls, good challenge factor. Like the power-up system and auto-save. Could use some more options i.e. erase save games etc. but a fun game nonetheless.

Cute, fun, engaging shooter

Wicked game! Awesome cute graphics. Very responsive controls, excellent replay level with upgrades! Perhaps an option to power down temporarily for fun would be neat but otherwise love the ability to charge the main weapon and subweapon!

Keep up the good work!

Surprisingly addictive and fun

I did not really expect much when I started playing this game. I merely wanted something to pass the time. The game is fun, has a decent story, and good replay value. I am not a pokemon fan but managed to keep going with the game.

Keep up the good work!

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It's a pretty tune.
It has a catchy beat and manages to stay fresh even with the repeating motif.

I'd use this if I could animate....

It's still nice to listen to in the background when you're doing something else.

Lyrs wrote: The girl with pink hair is like, 10, and "sporticus" is a musclebound accented, 30 yr old strongman who could easily have his way with her if he wasnt spending too much time getting high off "sports candy".

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